Closet Cleanse

Let me help you detox your closet and maximize your wardrobe options. During your closet cleanse, we’ll evaluate each piece of clothing and decide what to toss and what to keep. I can advise you on items to donate to charity and items to sell to consignment stores. I’ll also suggest new clothing combinations and create a list of items to complete your newly organized wardrobe. Finally, I’ll take photos of all your new outfits. It would be a shame if you woke up the morning after your closet cleanse thinking, “Now, what was I supposed to wear the grey pencil skirt with?”


Personal Shopping

After the closet cleanse, we’ll shop to find all of those great items that you need to complete your wardrobe. From whimsical to elegant, eclectic to classic, I can help you find those unique pieces and basics that will capture your style. Like I said, I work with all budgets, so we’ll target stores that are a good fit for you.


Special Occasion

Need help with styling for a special event or family photo? I would love to help! How about packing for a trip? I can advise you on a fully coordinated packing list that will be efficient and fabulous.


Skype Styling

Not a Salt Lake local? Contact me to arrange a Skype Styling Session.



I’m more reasonable than you think. Contact me for more details. Just click on the word contact under the photo at the top of this page. Or email me at

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