The Bird Poop Incident

The Bird Poop Incident

Just one quick pic today because I forgot to include the bird poop incident in my “Carpe Denim” post. At the beginning of this shoot, a bird pooped on the back of my head and the front of my blouse! My mother always told me that it was good luck if a bird pooped on you. But, now I’m wondering if she made that up because I’ve had more than my fair share of birds poop on me. The good news is that you can’t actually see the poop on the blouse, but I’ve circled the spot. Trust me, I didn’t photo shop it out because I have no idea how to do that.

IMG_1034 - Version 3

Anyway, glad I forgot to mention the whole bird poop incident because it gives me another opportunity to plug this blouse (click here). Doesn’t look like it’s available in this color anymore at Loft, but there are 4 other great colors.

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