Kimono Krazy

Kimono Krazy

Did I miss the memo? I don’t remember seeing any kimonos last year, and now everyone seems to be wearing them. And, yes I am dating myself by using the word memo. When is the last time you actually saw a memo on anything? But, back to the kimono kraze; I love them! They are super easy to wear, and add, color, texture and interest to an outfit. They also do a great job of kamouflaging any areas on your body in need of kamouflage. Here I am at Eva’s Bakery enjoying my koffee in my sassy kimono. So, join the kimono kraze, and I promise I’ll stop replacing my “c’s” with “k’s”. Scroll down for shopping info.






Kimono (click here) is from H&M. It’s only $24.95, and now through the end of May you can trade a bag of old clothes to H&M for a 20% off coupon. Pants (click here) are from Loft.

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