Do you know what a frient is?

Do you know what a frient is?

I love my job! I get paid to go shopping, and I adore my clients. Some of my clients started out as friends. And now, many of my clients have become friends, so I consider all of my clients “frients”.

If you’ve seen my Instagram gallery you will recognize my dear frient modeling this dress. I stumbled upon this lovely frock at Anthropologie last week, and I knew it would be perfect on her. Clearly, my instincts weren’t wrong. Of course, I’ve never actually seen her look bad in anything.

Anyway, we are both head over heels in love with this dress. With boots it’s fairly casual and with heels it’s perfect for a fancy occasion. In either case, she’s a knockout and Anthropologie should probably just hire her. Scroll down for more info.











Andromeda Swing dress (click here) available at Anthropologie. Similar Frye boots available (click here) at

3 thoughts on “Do you know what a frient is?

  1. Hi Carolyn, I love your blog. Tell me about the sizing on the white eyelet blouse from anthropologie.. Do you think I need a 0 or 2? They don’t carry it in the store here.. Thanks, Denise

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