Joggers at 47, Yea or Nay?

Joggers at 47, Yea or Nay?

According to Google’s Annual Fashion Trends Report,  jogger pants are hot right now. Not sure I needed Google to tell me that, just by walking into H&M, JCrew, Anthropologie, or Athleta it’s pretty obvious that joggers are trendy. But, I’m 47, and I’m wondering if 47 is too old to pull off this trend.  I hope not! Don’t think I’ll wear joggers with a slouchy graphic t-shirt or a midriff baring anything, but with classic sandals and a fitted denim jacket, I think they look pretty age appropriate. Let me know if you disagree. But, please be kind, you should treat a woman my age with respect. Pants (click here) available at H&M. This jacket is pretty old, but a similar denim jacket (click here) is available at Loft, and it’s 40% off! Similar sandals (click here) available at Nordstrom.








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