Tuesday Toss or Treasure

Tuesday Toss or Treasure

toss or treasure

A frient of mine found this sweater in the back of her closet and was wondering if she should toss it, or treasure it. She bought it more than 5 years ago at Anthropologie and was wondering if it looked dated.

Does this happen to you? Do you have something in your closet that you adored years ago, but are now having a hard time looking at objectively? Well, send me a photo! My email is ckgstyling@yahoo.com. I’ll advise as to whether it’s a “toss” or “treasure”. If it’s a treasure, I’ll also give you ideas on how to style it. If it’s a toss, I promise I’ll be kind!

I think the sweater is …a treasure. My frient is adorable, but somewhat overwhelmed by technology, so she dropped off the sweater instead of sending a photo. That was great because it gave me an opportunity to show how to style it.

So, do you agree? Is it a treasure?

toss or treasure

I just got this blouse on the sale rack at Anthropologie, but it’s not available online. A similar one is available at Boden (click here). Jeans available at Macy’s (click here).

distressed denim

distressed denim

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