Are you really breaking up with J.Crew?

Are you really breaking up with J.Crew?

The article “J.Crew, We’ve Grown Apart” published in The Wall Street Journal on May 27, 2015 reports that J.Crew has recently let women down. It maintains that J.Crew has been a disappointment to women this year due to its  poor fabric quality, inconsistent sizing and bewildering styling. The article notes that many former J.Crew devotees are fairly upset by the changes made to this much loved brand.

Well, as a former and current devotee of J.Crew, I have to disagree! Sure, there’s been some funky stuff at J.Crew this year. But, we’ve all experienced a fashion mis-step at one time or another. And, I’ve found some great stuff at J.crew this spring. For example, this pleated skirt, is adorable, wearable, and affordable. In fact, right now it is 25% off. It comes in three spring colors, and I especially like the vintage sky in the photos below.  So, if you thought you were through with J.Crew, I definitley think you should rethink your decision.

Pleated skirt (click here) available at J.Crew.  Distressed denim Jacket available at Forever 21 (click here) . Frye Harness boots (click here)  available at

j crew stitched down pleated mini skirt


forever 21 jean jacket

distressed denim jacket

frye harness boots

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