Oh, the dreaded clearance rack!

Oh, the dreaded clearance rack!

yellow vest

The other day I was at Macy’s and I couldn’t help but notice the bulging, messy, overcrowded clearance rack. I can’t keep all of the markdowns straight, but the items were already discounted 60%, and then were reduced  25% more, and you could get an additional percentage off if you had some coupon, or some card, or something else that I didn’t have. So, I was really torn. I wanted to go through that rack because I knew there were great deals to be found, but my head was spinning just looking at it. Why is it that clothes become less attractive once they are marked clearance?

 Yes, even a professional shopper like me has to psych herself up to comb through the markdowns! So, I took a deep breath, rolled up my sleeves and dove right in. I’m glad I did, because look what I found: this great Vince Camuto waffle vest and pleated A-line skirt. And, let me tell you they were steals. So, it was totally worth it, and you should probably head on down to Macy’s before all the good stuff is gone.

jacquard skit

The skirt is not available on the Macy’s website, so you may have to scour the clearance rack at Macy’s yourself. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to pick out this bright yellow. Looks like Dillards.com has some left in a size 0 (click here), but you better hurry. The vest is available at Macys.com (click here).


jacquard skirt

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