zara floral pantDon’t be afraid of a wild print on your trousers.  Seems counterintuitive, but I think these crazy floral pants are actually slimming. The print is pretty bold, but the colors are still muted, so they really camouflage those problem areas. Of course, not all prints are going to have this effect; I’ve tried on some floral pants that have instantly added 10 pounds (and, I instantly took them off). I’m also quite fond of these pants because they work with so many different colors. I like them with pink, green, burgundy, coral, and obviously white and denim. Try some on, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.pants with flowersI bought these at Zara, they aren’t available online, but check your local store. Or try asos.com (click here) for a similar pair.personal shopper salt lake city



2 thoughts on “Florals

  1. the pattern is nice, looks good with the shirt and jacket. i have a lot of florals in my wardrobe, mostly sweaters or tops but i do have a few skirts and a pair of pants as well. the pants look good on you and that’s probably due to the cut and style as much as it is to the pattern.

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