Now, if Only I Could Find my Tiara!

Now, if Only I Could Find my Tiara!


embroidered scroll skirt


Yesterday I saw the movie Cinderella. I’m not a movie critic, but I really enjoyed it. The characters were beautiful, the scenery was beautiful, and the costumes were beautiful. On the other hand, one could argue that this movie is anti-feminist, and that in general, princess fairytales are disempowering to women. But, I don’t really want to engage in that conversation. Cinderella delivered exactly what I needed: an escape to a magical place for a few hours. And, I hate to admit it, but I had a little princess envy when I left the theater. To be clear, I don’t want to actually be a princess, I just want to wear princess dresses.

Fortunately,  I found this skirt at Ann Taylor, and it’s rather”princessesque.” It’s very flattering, flowy, and twirls nicely when you spin. I’ve paired it with a  rather tailored top, but I think it’d be smashing with a feminine fitted sweater. Wouldn’t a tiara complete this look nicely?

ann taylor skirt

Skirt available at Ann Taylor (click here), everything is currently 40% off. Similar blouse available at Banana Republic (click here), everything there is also 40% off.



An Above Average “Before”

An Above Average “Before”

One again this frient (friend/client) fits the profile of my previous clients. Her before photo is pretty attractive. She’s beautiful, has a great figure, and the clothes are passable (we’ll discuss the shoes later!).


But, now look at her after photo. Yes, words like beautiful and fit still come to mind; but these photos scream: Stylish, Elegant, and Classy!







In her before photo, I love that she is wearing color. But, the top and pants are dated, and those shoes look dowdy. This frient has promised me that she only wears these shoes around the house. Seems every frient has a pair of “house shoes”,  just be sure you don’t accidentally run an errand in them. If you do, I bet you’ll run into your stylist!

The after photo is super modern. The citron yellow blouse and poppy shoes are great pops of color. The denim jacket and navy dot pants are timeless. Like I said, she looked pretty good before, but now I’m going with fabulous!

Blouse (click here) available at Loft. It’s on sale for $39.99 and an additional 40% off. Denim Jacket (click here) available at the Gap, also 30% off. Pants (click here) available at Ann Taylor.