Toss or Treasure Tuesday

Toss or Treasure Tuesday

Well, what do you think? Is this cardi a toss or treasure. The color is lovely. I think that turquoise blue is flattering on everyone. On the other hand, I’m not sure about the leaf thingamajigs over the buttons, and the full  drapey sleeves. It doesn’t look very current, so  I’m afraid it’s a toss. Of course it’s not horrible, I’ve seen much worse. But I think you can do much better.

Toss or Treasure

How about these cardis instead: Read more

Tuesday Toss or Treasure

Tuesday Toss or Treasure

toss or treasure

A frient of mine found this sweater in the back of her closet and was wondering if she should toss it, or treasure it. She bought it more than 5 years ago at Anthropologie and was wondering if it looked dated.

Does this happen to you? Do you have something in your closet that you adored years ago, but are now having a hard time looking at objectively? Well, send me a photo! My email is I’ll advise as to whether it’s a “toss” or “treasure”. If it’s a treasure, I’ll also give you ideas on how to style it. If it’s a toss, I promise I’ll be kind!

I think the sweater is … Read more

Date Night!

Date Night!

Anthropologie shirt

Sometimes you search for days for the perfect outfit, and sometimes you happen upon it within minutes. Fortunately, the latter was my experience as I was looking for the perfect “Date Night” outfit for my beautiful frient. I had this top in my cart and was checked out of Anthropologie’s  site in record time.  Granted, this frient doesn’t look bad in anything (which makes my job really easy!), but she’s spectacular in this Cornflower Tiered Top. She’s modeling it with bright blue denim, but it would also be lovely with a fitted pencil skirt. Top (click here) available at Anthropologie. Similar jeans (click here)  available at

cornflower tiered top

date night top

royal blue denim









Do you know what a frient is?

Do you know what a frient is?

I love my job! I get paid to go shopping, and I adore my clients. Some of my clients started out as friends. And now, many of my clients have become friends, so I consider all of my clients “frients”.

If you’ve seen my Instagram gallery you will recognize my dear frient modeling this dress. I stumbled upon this lovely frock at Anthropologie last week, and I knew it would be perfect on her. Clearly, my instincts weren’t wrong. Of course, I’ve never actually seen her look bad in anything.

Anyway, we are both head over heels in love with this dress. With boots it’s fairly casual and with heels it’s perfect for a fancy occasion. In either case, she’s a knockout and Anthropologie should probably just hire her. Scroll down for more info.











Andromeda Swing dress (click here) available at Anthropologie. Similar Frye boots available (click here) at

An exception to the white blouse rule

An exception to the white blouse rule

In an earlier post, I shared my thoughts on white blouses. I said that it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on a white blouse because it will likely discolor. Well, I beg to differ with myself. Sometimes a white blouse is worthy of a splurge. The one I picked up at Anthropologie this week certainly is. I was drawn to this Eyelet Empire Blouse because it’s just a little bit out of the ordinary, but still goes with everything. And, to be totally honest, it’s still pretty reasonable at$88.00. The clutch with the horses is pretty darn cute too. Scroll down for shopping info.









Eyelet Empire Blouse available at Anthropologie (click here). Clutch available at Thread Lightly (click here).