Date Night!

Date Night!

Anthropologie shirt

Sometimes you search for days for the perfect outfit, and sometimes you happen upon it within minutes. Fortunately, the latter was my experience as I was looking for the perfect “Date Night” outfit for my beautiful frient. I had this top in my cart and was checked out of Anthropologie’s  site in record time.  Granted, this frient doesn’t look bad in anything (which makes my job really easy!), but she’s spectacular in this Cornflower Tiered Top. She’s modeling it with bright blue denim, but it would also be lovely with a fitted pencil skirt. Top (click here) available at Anthropologie. Similar jeans (click here)  available at

cornflower tiered top

date night top

royal blue denim









Joggers at 47, Yea or Nay?

Joggers at 47, Yea or Nay?

According to Google’s Annual Fashion Trends Report,  jogger pants are hot right now. Not sure I needed Google to tell me that, just by walking into H&M, JCrew, Anthropologie, or Athleta it’s pretty obvious that joggers are trendy. But, I’m 47, and I’m wondering if 47 is too old to pull off this trend.  I hope not! Don’t think I’ll wear joggers with a slouchy graphic t-shirt or a midriff baring anything, but with classic sandals and a fitted denim jacket, I think they look pretty age appropriate. Let me know if you disagree. But, please be kind, you should treat a woman my age with respect. Pants (click here) available at H&M. This jacket is pretty old, but a similar denim jacket (click here) is available at Loft, and it’s 40% off! Similar sandals (click here) available at Nordstrom.








The Bird Poop Incident

The Bird Poop Incident

Just one quick pic today because I forgot to include the bird poop incident in my “Carpe Denim” post. At the beginning of this shoot, a bird pooped on the back of my head and the front of my blouse! My mother always told me that it was good luck if a bird pooped on you. But, now I’m wondering if she made that up because I’ve had more than my fair share of birds poop on me. The good news is that you can’t actually see the poop on the blouse, but I’ve circled the spot. Trust me, I didn’t photo shop it out because I have no idea how to do that.

IMG_1034 - Version 3

Anyway, glad I forgot to mention the whole bird poop incident because it gives me another opportunity to plug this blouse (click here). Doesn’t look like it’s available in this color anymore at Loft, but there are 4 other great colors.

Same great denim jeans, but oh look at that jacket!

Same great denim jeans, but oh look at that jacket!

Yes, those are the same pants I was wearing on yesterday’s post. When I become a super famous fashion blogger, (wish you could hear the sarcasm in my voice!) I won’t wear the same thing twice. For now, however, I’ll admit to wearing the same pants two days in a row. As you can see I’ve paired them with this spectacular jacket from H&M. For shopping info scroll down to end of the photos.





Jacquard weave jacket (click here) available at H&M. Jeans (click here) available at Zara, and denim shirt is not current but (click here) for similar.



Carpe Denim!

My clients always have a lot of questions about demin. Is it acceptable to wear a denim jacket with denim pants? Do the denims need to match? Or, should they be very different shades of denim? Is it okay to mix brands of denim? Guess what, when it comes to denim, anything goes! Wear two similar shades of denim together or wear dark denim with light denim. You really can’t go wrong. Denim always looks classy, just don’t over-think it. For info on where to buy these great denim pieces (and the sassy red blouse) scroll down to the end of the photos.








Utility blouse  (click here) available at Red detail jeans (click here) available at Jean jacket (click here) is ancient, but similar available at