Kimono Krazy

Kimono Krazy

Did I miss the memo? I don’t remember seeing any kimonos last year, and now everyone seems to be wearing them. And, yes I am dating myself by using the word memo. When is the last time you actually saw a memo on anything? But, back to the kimono kraze; I love them! They are super easy to wear, and add, color, texture and interest to an outfit. They also do a great job of kamouflaging any areas on your body in need of kamouflage. Here I am at Eva’s Bakery enjoying my koffee in my sassy kimono. So, join the kimono kraze, and I promise I’ll stop replacing my “c’s” with “k’s”. Scroll down for shopping info.






Kimono (click here) is from H&M. It’s only $24.95, and now through the end of May you can trade a bag of old clothes to H&M for a 20% off coupon. Pants (click here) are from Loft.

Same great denim jeans, but oh look at that jacket!

Same great denim jeans, but oh look at that jacket!

Yes, those are the same pants I was wearing on yesterday’s post. When I become a super famous fashion blogger, (wish you could hear the sarcasm in my voice!) I won’t wear the same thing twice. For now, however, I’ll admit to wearing the same pants two days in a row. As you can see I’ve paired them with this spectacular jacket from H&M. For shopping info scroll down to end of the photos.





Jacquard weave jacket (click here) available at H&M. Jeans (click here) available at Zara, and denim shirt is not current but (click here) for similar.