Took me longer to find this than it did to find my husband!

Took me longer to find this than it did to find my husband!


Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I didn’t think it existed. Either it’s too bulky, or it’s too thin. Perhaps it’s lacking a hood, or it has a really overwhelming hood. Maybe it’s not waterproof, or it’s so waterproof that you look like you’re ready for a trek through the rainforest when you wear it. Then one day, after what seems like years of searching, you stumble across one that’s not too bulky, has a good hood, and is waterproof enough. Hallelujah! Success at last! Or, so you think until you realize that it’s just plain ugly.

I’m sure you’ve figured out that I’m talking about the elusive functional and fashionable raincoat. Seriously, I’ve been looking for a long time, and I finally found the champion of all raincoats at Nordstrom Rack. And, since it’s from Nordstrom Rack it’s totally reasonable. This one is a good weight, has a normal hood that tucks away when you don’t need it, and it’s waterproof. Finally, it’s really cute.

Michael Michael Kors Raincoat available at Nordstrom Rack. For some reason it’s not on the website, so you’ll have to go to the store, but they had tons of them in several colors. Pants (click here) available at JCrew (25% off with code Summerlove). Similar shirt (click here) available at Loft. I should probably mention that my husband is also functional, fashionable, and the champion of all husbands.




Joggers at 47, Yea or Nay?

Joggers at 47, Yea or Nay?

According to Google’s Annual Fashion Trends Report,  jogger pants are hot right now. Not sure I needed Google to tell me that, just by walking into H&M, JCrew, Anthropologie, or Athleta it’s pretty obvious that joggers are trendy. But, I’m 47, and I’m wondering if 47 is too old to pull off this trend.  I hope not! Don’t think I’ll wear joggers with a slouchy graphic t-shirt or a midriff baring anything, but with classic sandals and a fitted denim jacket, I think they look pretty age appropriate. Let me know if you disagree. But, please be kind, you should treat a woman my age with respect. Pants (click here) available at H&M. This jacket is pretty old, but a similar denim jacket (click here) is available at Loft, and it’s 40% off! Similar sandals (click here) available at Nordstrom.








An Above Average “Before”

An Above Average “Before”

One again this frient (friend/client) fits the profile of my previous clients. Her before photo is pretty attractive. She’s beautiful, has a great figure, and the clothes are passable (we’ll discuss the shoes later!).


But, now look at her after photo. Yes, words like beautiful and fit still come to mind; but these photos scream: Stylish, Elegant, and Classy!







In her before photo, I love that she is wearing color. But, the top and pants are dated, and those shoes look dowdy. This frient has promised me that she only wears these shoes around the house. Seems every frient has a pair of “house shoes”,  just be sure you don’t accidentally run an errand in them. If you do, I bet you’ll run into your stylist!

The after photo is super modern. The citron yellow blouse and poppy shoes are great pops of color. The denim jacket and navy dot pants are timeless. Like I said, she looked pretty good before, but now I’m going with fabulous!

Blouse (click here) available at Loft. It’s on sale for $39.99 and an additional 40% off. Denim Jacket (click here) available at the Gap, also 30% off. Pants (click here) available at Ann Taylor.

The Mother’s Day Curse

The Mother’s Day Curse

Although I am not proud of either of these facts, I readily admit to being both a shopaholic and superstitious. Fortunately, being a shopaholic serves me quite well; I’m able to work as a personal shopper,  and I have a very complete wardrobe. Being superstitious, on the other hand, is not as productive. Because of my superstitions, I’ve refused to entertain on Mother’s Day for several years. My reluctance to entertain is a result of The Mother’s Day Curse. The Mother’s Day Curse began three years ago when my husband smashed his finger putting together a basketball hoop for our twin boys. It wasn’t just a little smash, it was the kind of smash that required immediate surgery. We were supposed to have 10 people over for dinner, but of course we had to cancel. Since then, my husband has not been allowed to touch any tools on Mother’s Day, and I have refused to have people over. See, in my crazy mind, if I take these precautions, nothing will go wrong.

Well, this year I decided to tempt fate. I invited some friends over for Mother’s Day. My husband was still banned from putting anything together, but I thought we’d be okay with dinner. Unfortunately, I was wrong. This past Saturday, the day before Mother’s Day, our basement flooded! Of course, this was because of The Mother’s Day Curse.  I should have known better than to try and entertain on this holiday. Anyway, this is a long way of my explaining why I haven’t posted in a little while. Cleaning up a soggy basement definitely interferes with writing a blog.

The good news is, we were still able to have to have our friends over for dinner. And, my husband actually used some tools while cleaning up the basement without hurting himself. Maybe we have broken the curse! But, just to be on the safe side, I think we’ll go out for dinner next year.

Here are some photos of what I wore on Mother’s Day. I don’t have much to say about this outfit because it’s simple and pretty much speaks for itself. I will tell you that I love this blouse because it’s very denim-like. Hence, it goes with practically everything! Scroll down for shopping info.






Embroidered floral top available at Loft (click here). White pants available at Jcrew (click here).

It’s not a typo! She really is 75, not 57.

It’s not a typo! She really is 75, not 57.

Like the majority of my clients, this beautiful 75 year woman has always cared about fashion and looked pretty good even before she hired me. But, after our shopping adventure, she looks spectacular! This very special client also happens to be the mother of my husband. Yes, she’s my mother-in-law, but I hate that word!. Anyway, she flew out to Salt Lake for a shopping trip, and we had her outfitted for the entire summer in less than 24 hours. Sure, it helps that she can rock skinny jeans, but I am also an extremely efficient shopper. And, yes, she did officially hire me, but I am accepting payment in the form of strawberry rhubarb pie.

This is her before picture:


Pretty stinking cute for a before picture! She gets huge points for the jeans, but, the blouse on it’s own is a little boring. And, I vetoed the shoes. We ordered some New Balance from JCrew (click here) instead. They won’t arrive until next week, but this is what they look like:


Here is her after picture:



We totally scored at Loft. This blouse (click here) is interesting enough to wear on its own, and the pants (click here) fit her perfectly. And, you really can’t go wrong with black flats. She looks wonderful, and like I said, it’s hard to believe she’s 75.