I’m a stylist and personal shopper living in Salt Lake City, Utah. Fashion headquarters of the world, right? So, why am I blogging about style? Good question. To be honest, I started blogging because my friends told me I should. Admittedly, not a very compelling reason. But, now that I am blogging, I realize that I do have a purpose. The goal of this blog is to help you eliminate (or at least decrease) your closet frustration and wardrobe mishaps. The intent of my posts is to give you outfit ideas and inspiration. I hope I convince you to try some new looks, and that I push you out of your fashion comfort zone. Maybe you’ve looked at one of my photos and thought, “Oh, a blouse with a collar does look cute under a sweater.” Or, “Phew, it really is okay to own 3 different denim shirts.” I also hope that I’ve inspired you to clean out your closet. Perhaps during your closet cleanse you rediscovered some old favorites and/or filled a bag to give to the Salvation Army. So, if I’ve inspired you to buy one sweater or skirt that doesn’t look exactly like every other sweater or skirt in your closet, than I have done my job. And, if none of this holds true for you, hopefully you just enjoy looking at a 47 year from Salt Lake City who loves getting dressed every day.

Originally posted on 5/29/15

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